Tuesday, February 28, 2006

A Torrent of Lawsuits

The MPAA are launching a bunch of lawsuits against major torrent and eDonkey supply sites like Torrentspy.com, Isohunt.com and Torrentbox.com. These, as far as I understand, aren't the sites that actually provide BitTorrent clients but those that point you at where to get torrents or actually host otrrents. In light of the post-Grokster in the Supreme Court inducement theory, it seems fairly likely these lawsuits might succeed (the phrase "encourage people to traffic in copyrighted motion pictures, televisions shows, music,software and games" in the press release is the big giveaway) - whereas before Grokster hit the Supreme Court the legal position would have been far more dodgy for the MPAA : the question is , is the MPAA aiming at another precedent lawsuit, or just at settlements and the disappearance of these sites? Certanly in other countries such as Netherlands, Belgium and Switzerland the main aim has been take down - but if I were the MPAA I suspect I wouldn't mind getting some more court vistories under my belt.

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