Monday, February 13, 2006

Big game Season

Still on jetlag content here .. From Boing BOing,

Cheney shoots 78-year old lawyer with shotgun

The best bit is the Reader Comment from someone called Om:

"The important questions raised by this hunting accident are:
1) *Are* lawyers in season right now?
2) Was the lawyer at least a 4-point?
3) Was Cheney within his permit limit?
4) Was the Cheney aide misquoted about the lawyer's hunting suit having a target on the back, or that he'd bought it at Target a while back?
5) Will Disney adapt this into a cartoon about a baby lawyer having to adjust to living in the wild without his parent?
6) Is this what you should expect if you don't contribute enough to a political reelection fund in the future? "

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Andres Guadamuz said...

The best that I've seen is that everybody is singing Aerosmith's new hit, Cheney's Got a Gun:

Cheney's got a gun,
Cheney's got a gun,
Went huntin' for some fun
Reputation's undone

What did Dick Cheney do?
He shot his pal, yes it's true...

They say when Cheney goes out huntin'
You try to stay the hell away...
But look out for what's comin' 'cause when Cheney's got a gun
He might hit you with his shotgun's spray...!