Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Click and dick?

The Harlow Star reports that a councillor who was sacked for downloading obscene pictures has failed in his attempts to have the monitoring employed by the council declared illegal. Judge Bradbury said the council was entitled to monitor its computers to avoid breaches of its code of conduct, which includes a prohibition on accessing pornography.

This is of a fair bit of interest legally, as very UK few reported decisions at courts (not EAT) level exist dealing with the legality of electronic employee surveillance, a matter which has been controversial ever since the Lawful Business Regulations and the Information Commissioner's Code on Employee Monitoring came out. But casual readers wil I suspect best remember this case for the councillor's excuse - he wasn't downloading porn, he was just checking out condom sizes as part of his role as the Liberal Democrat group's health spokesman conduting research into the European Union's recommended size for condoms.

Pull the other one, Matthew, it's got bells on it:-)

I am reminded of this delightful song - "Grab your dick and double click.."!

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