Thursday, November 09, 2006


For everyone who's written to ask where I've gone: the answer was in order

- moving job
- moving house
- moving cats (ah if only I had time to do an IPKat like cartoon here of a sad fat tabby hiding doggedly under the bath...)

and then, just when you thought it was safe to go back into the blogging water..

- Blogger sundered me from my very own Pangloss, gave it briefly to Technollama and then refused to give me it back AT ALL. I think I broke Blogger :(

But here I am restored!! And overwhelmed with london evenst, not quite all of which I am speaking at.. Too late to tell you to look out for me speaking on spam at the very intriguing SCL Workshop on Regulation (patiently by my mate Andy Charlesworth of Bristol); too late to find me at DTI/KTN worhshop on locational data service providers - which was fascinating.

But you can still look for me at the Police and Justice Act 2006 have just seen Royal Assent (Thanks to Malcolm Hutty from LINX for this intelligence - altho it's not yet up as a finalised Act on the Web - watch this space); and at the ORG Release the Music extravaganza that night, hopefully bopping the night away at the DJ set with Jonathan Zittrain, someone from Blur and my Soton colleague Caroline Wilson. (Come and watch the geeks at play!) Then it's the Tripartite Response To Terror day, and the ORG Advisory Board which I am now proud to grace.

No rest for the wicked huh?

All this and Law 2.0 to come :)

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