Monday, January 22, 2007


BILETA is the gathering of the tribes of IT law in the UK and Europe: the must-be-seen-at conference for the old lags (or lagettes) of the Internet law game. It's been going for over 20 years and is always enormous fun. This year's is on 16-17 April at the University of Hertfordshire.

I, (for my sins) am organising what was described as a "GikII-like" (or GikII-lite?) stream at this event -

"Stream 2 - Horizon scanning
Looking somewhat speculatively into the future, this stream asks the question, where technology will go from here and also what the legal response should be to these suggested changes. The legal reality of science fiction meets BILETA!
Email submission to: "

The abstract deadline (c 500 words) has just been extended to Friday 2 March 2007, so plenty of time to get your world-upturning contribution in. (Plenty of other streams too - see ). I'll be there (though not so much scanning the horizon as furrowing my brow in worry at it) with , hopefully, a paper on the empirical work on ISPs, notice and takedown, notice and disconnection and disclosure of IDs by ISPs I've been working on with the AHRC Centre at Edinburgh.


Jordan said...

BILETA Abstracts are out! I posted the ones that caught my eye over on my site. I look forward to seeing everyone there. Cheers!

Noriswadi Ismail, London said...

Hope to meeting Professor in BILETA 2007 soon!


Rupert White said...

I look forward to the wonderful mismatch of futurology and the legal sector... It's almost as if, were you to look in the dictionary under 'oxymoron' ... you know.