Thursday, April 26, 2007

Why oh why oh why

Blogger took my blog away again. Now I have it back (it's like a children's tale of woe) but my entries have vanished since Nov 06.

Watch this space. It may be dull, but at least it's there:)

Some announcements.

GikIII 2 : the Comeback is GO. See CFP at . THIS IS GIKIII!!! September 19, London.

THis will follow a much more serious and Constructive workshop on "Law 2.0" - or possibly Law 3.7 - the jury is stil out on this one. Anyway , it is being sponsored by the SCL and the very kind Herbert Smith Solicitors, London, chaired by moi and will explore the legal aspects of WEb 2.0 - user generated content, mash ups, C2C business models, the Semantic Web, eScience, blogs and open source/open content. It should be very very interesting. September 17-18, London.

Also - Geeklawyer has organised a first UK meeting of law blawgers on 18th May in LOndon. See Pangloss hopes to go, if only for the curry in the evning - she probably doesn't deserve any better given her recent miserable show on blogging (though not as bad as Blogger would make out - grr.)

BILETA in Hertfordshire in April was as usual enormous fun. Full papers will be up soon so worth a visit. Pangloss is now on the BILETA Exec for the third time - this time on retirement I get a gold watch - or something. Guess when the first meeting of the Exec is? Yup, 18th May..

Similarly, Pangloss had already signed up to go the OxII day on global Internet filtering which judging by the sign up WikI will be attended bya cast of IT gliterati. Guess when it is? Yup, May 18.

Which will Pangloss go to? Write in with your suggestion (if this was Live Journal it would be a poll.)

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Jordan said...

Yay Geek law!! I'll be submitting something for sure -- had lots of phun last year...