Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Oyster is hard to Prise Open..

Re yesterday's query about when Oyster Card would finally roll out as a multi purpoe contactless small payments card.. look no further.

Interestingly, no mention of legal difficulties round becoming an EMI - only commercial problems with revenue sharing.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Pangloss
Just a quick question, why are you linking to a story that is over 12 months old saying 'look no further'?
Andrew Tucker gave you a clue that contactless technology is on the way with the link he posted. If you dug deeper into the link and tried googling a few key words as a result you will see that an e-money type function is going to exist with Oyster. I typed 'Barclaycard and Oyster' into google and it came up with loads of stories on a deal they have done to put Oyster on a credit that also has a contactless function. Granted this is not Oyster as an e-purse but there is more up-to-date info than a 12 month old link