Monday, June 04, 2007

Student SCL IT Law Essay Prize

I know some students read this blawg so this seems worth reproducing in full:

"SCL Student IT Law Essay Prize 2008 Now Launched

Entries are now sought for the 2008 IT Law Essay Prize with a host of rewards for the winner, including £1,000 cash, and a further prize for the institution at which the winner is studying.
The 2008 SCL Student IT Law Essay Prize has been launched with a new twist. As usual, the winning student is richly rewarded with prizes, including £1,000 cash, a valuable placement with a top IT firm and free attendance at the SCL Conference, but for 2008 a further prize is available for the institution at which the winner is studying. The winning institution will be given £1,000 to purchase library books in support of IT law teaching and research.

The topic for the 2008 Essay prize is "Virtual Properties and Virtual Economies: How should activities with economic consequences in virtual worlds like 'Second Life' and 'Everquest' be dealt with by real-world legal systems?

The purpose of the prize is to reward and acknowledge academic research and writing excellence in the field of UK or EU IT Law."

Jolly good, says Pangloss, and my students will certainly be badgered to enter:-)

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