Thursday, September 20, 2007

Web 3,0 arise

Via Rowena Rodrigues' e-identity blog - a very interesting piece bringing together some thoughts on web 2.0, the semantic Web , social software (not just social networking software) and a possible new approach for defining web 3.0 (or web thingy as Chris Reed has now famously christened it).

"For those of you who don't like terms like Web 2.0, and Web 3.0, I also want to mention that I agree --- we all want to avoid a rapid series of such labels or an arms-race of companies claiming to be > x.0. So I have a practical proposal: Let's use these terms to index decades since the Web began. This is objective -- we can all agree on when decades begin and end, and if we look at history each decade is characterized by various trends. I think this is reasonable proposal and actually useful (and also avoids endless new x.0's being announced every year). Web 1.0 was therefore the first decade of the Web: 1990 - 2000. Web 2.0 is the second decade, 2000 - 2010. Web 3.0 is the coming third decade, 2010 - 2020 and so on. Each of these decades is (or will be) characterized by particular technology movements, themes and trends."

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