Tuesday, August 05, 2008

And Another Depressing Copyright Post..

Bill Thompson has an excellent summing up ofthe state of play as UK ISPs like Virgin move towards helping the music industry "re-educate" its users and resist the move to 21st century business models.

"We need a space for experimentation, where we can test the limits of old laws and explore how they might be altered in future, but once ISPs decide that they are no longer neutral carriers of bits and choose to ally themselves with the content industry then we lose another sliver of freedom.

At the moment it's hard to use BitTorrent anonymously, although since the service itself is entirely legal and legitimate there should be no need to do so.

The moves by Virgin and other ISPs will simply spur the development of new ways of sharing files, just as the clampdown on Napster lead directly to the development of the current generation of peer to peer networks.

Virgin has just given its thousands of users an incentive to explore these new tools in order to confuse their administrators."

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