Monday, December 15, 2008

Gowers Rides Again

Stunning polemic by Andrew Gowers, author of the eponymous report, in the FT today. Disses term extension of sound recording copyright, and the "moral case" for it, as the lobby-driven, celebrity-star-struck tosh it is, but also says much much more. Bravo.

"First, to music companies: you have moved beyond trying to close the internet down as a distribution channel, but you have still not done enough to exploit the swirl of creative and commercial opportunities unleashed by the world of social networks and web 2.0. Please focus on innovation, not on trying to eke more rent from the successes of yesteryear.

Second, to policymakers: many of you are debating how government can support business in these challenging times, and that is fine. But you would do well to pick the targets for assistance and the instruments you use with care. Get it wrong, and you will end up looking silly and out of touch like Mr Burnham."

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