Monday, February 16, 2009

It's Sooooooooo GikII!!

I'm very happy to announce that the success of GikII over the last three years has spawned an Australian spin-off, to be known as SoGikII. More details to follow, but here's early warning so you can start saving your pennies:)

Head South, Get Your Geek On - its SoGikII.

SoGikII: Law, Communication Technologies and Culture, is a one day conference to be held on Tuesday 9 June, 2009, in Sydney, Australia, hosted by the Cyberspace Law and Policy Centre, University of New South Wales.

Past GikII presentations have contemplated knitted Daleks , Roman slaves and robots , data privacy and online hamburger games, and the copyright implications of Buffy-inspired avatars .

All your favourite bits from the Northern-flavoured GikIIs will be on the menu - provocative intellectual debate, incisive legal analysis and lolcats - all dished up with a generous serving of pop culture. GikII noobs be warned: this is a conference with the boring bits left out and the level of 'geek' cranked right up.

SoGikII will be chaired by David Vaile and Alana Maurushat, University of New South Wales, with assistance from Lilian Edwards, Professor of Internet Law, University of Southampton.

So if combining cyborgs, post-structuralism, the absurdity of patent law and beach views sounds like your idea of fun, please email your abstract of 500 words or less to Alana ( and David ( by March 31, 2009. Notification of acceptance will be by email in April. A prize for the best lolcat will also be awarded. "

Meanwhile as SoGikII goes Down Under, Original GikII goes European - with arrangements now almost in place to take it to Amsterdam, hosted by the esteemed institute, the IVIR. We hope this will open up GikII to exciting new Continental scholars as well as the old crew! Exact dates in mid September to be announced shortly.

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