Friday, March 27, 2009

Just has to be quoted

The venerable IPKat has stepped away from his normal utter respectability to nail my also esteemed colleague Geeklawyer:

"The IPKat has a soft spot for the GeekLawyer's Blog. GeekLawyer (left), whose potent combination of outspoken honesty and irredeemably bad taste makes him unquestionably the Jade Goody of the IP blog world, displayed his sensitive side this week with this report and podcast on his friend Bill Patry's SCL talk in memory of the late Sir Hugh Laddie, whose potent combination of pungent wit and guts to deploy it to maximum effect made him ... well, never mind. "

Pangloss is now enriched with Geeklawyer's enormous um ruminations on his blog, Facebook AND Twitter. Shortly he will talk to me in my dreams..

THis has been a Squid Friday production, courtesy of Nat Express Wi Fi and an unexpectedly and gloriously quiet train (hey, credit where's credit due for once. Am I Twittering on Pangloss now? Oh noes!)

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Anonymous said...

This sort of like reverse stalking!