Thursday, April 09, 2009

French Reject Three Strikes!

This is stunningly unexpected but wonderful news.

"French politicians have unexpected voted against a law that would have forced ISPs to disconnect any one accused of copyright infringement. No proof that would stand up in court would have been need. The final vote was 25 to 15 in the poorly attended National Assembly session."
French government nukes crazy Internet law in open revolt against Sarkozy - Boing Boing

Even better (ha) , Pangloss now has Internet in a Box which works (ie a Vodafone mobile broadband dongle - happy to advertise it as (a) he O2 one I bought first didn;t work and (b) it's the only PAYG on the UK market with non expirable data - so, there may be slightly more frequent updates in future.

Happy Passover/Easter/etc , folks!!

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