Monday, August 10, 2009

V for Videos

Pangloss is teaching Internet law to undergrads for the first time in a while this academic year coming and was idly wondering if she could spend the first lecture showing videos with which to seduce the suckers , sorry, encourage the freshers to understand how exciting IT law is:-)

These are first thoughts for the curriculum - would anyone else like to suggest their own favourites? In particular, it's not hard to find fun videos on file sharing, privacy and social networking sites (indeed web 2.0 in general) - but I could do with help on less obvious stuff like e-contracting, e-commerce or other aspects of IP??

here's my starting favourites!

Web 2.0

The machine is us - Web 2.0 changes everything

"FriendFace" (IT Crowd) - web 2.0 - social networks and privacy

The Facebook Song

Wikipedia, editing the umlaut - web 2.0 and distributed editing

What is web 2.0? an educationalperspective - intro to web 2.0


Big Brother State - privacy & surveillance

The Last Enemy extract - life as an un person in an ID card world

ACLU pizza delivery - private/public data collection and privacy


4chords (Axis of Awesome) - creativity, mash ups, copyright, parody

Filesharing RIAA parody ad (IT Crowd) - filesharing and P2P

3 minute medley on the music wars(from TED)

Content and tubes

The Internet is For Porn - self explanatory

Net Neutrality, Lessig-style - infrastructure


TJ McIntyre said...

David Scharf's "Big Brother State" is a superb introduction to pervasive surveillance:

Michael Bromby said...

The Machine is Us/ing Us is a good one for getting student attention:
I've been trying to put together an Alice & Bob animation for PKI secure e-commerce, but alas it's still on the drawing board and may not be premiere'd until well after you and I both retire!

Judith said...

I still like RhettandLinks's Facebook song

Anonymous said...

Hi Lilian,

I'd like to contact you about digital assets and dying, but the email address in your profile doesn't seem to be working.

If you sent your phone number to cnicholson at nytimes dot com, I'd be glad to give you a call.