Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sometimes I Wish I was American..

So while we continue merrily to sail ahead imposing unmanageable legal liability on those who dare offer free public wi fi, in America par contraire the FCC are thinking of rolling it out nationwide as part of their national broadband plan - says the Huffington Post.

Guess the US doesn't have any of those pesky downloaders, huh??

As part of public record, though I'm hardly the first to do so meanwhile, let me also point you at the Open Letter to the Liberal Democrats in the FT today, from many Great and Good, including various ISPs and telcos, Google, Facebook, ORG, leading academics and of course, Stephen Fry :-) Let us hope that the Liberal Democrats, who I know, are taking criticism of their amendment very seriously, will make appropriate further amendments as soon as possible.

(As for "Internet up for Nobel peace Prize" - um, is it April already? my how time flies! or is this a subtle Italian attempt to currypublic favour after the Google fiasco?! Mamma mia!)

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