Sunday, August 08, 2010

Reforming privacy laws

The videos are up from the recent very successful ORGcon on digital rights; and here is the vid of the panel Pangloss appeared on (all speakers v good - I appear about 9 mins in).

[ORGCon] Reforming Privacy Laws from Open Rights Group on Vimeo.

Note that since this event in July the Commission has announced the draft reform proposal for the DPD will be delayed till probably the second half of 2011 (sigh!)

For those interested, the recent Wall Street Journal spread on privacy threats from a US perspective is also well worth perusing (follow links at end for related stories - there are 6 or so)

The Sunday Times are supposed to be publishing a UK follow up today (August 8) in which Pangloss should be quoted - but since its behind paywall I haven't been able to check :-)

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