Thursday, April 28, 2011

Still time for GikII Gothenberg!!

I have neglected to post here that the abstract deadline for GikII 6: This Time It's Gothenberg! has been extended to MAY 15. You have two whole weeks more!!!

So don't waste your time watching the Royal Wedding, pretending to enjoy making the BBQ light, or pointelessly walking up a Munro when you could be doing something much more geeky instead! Instead send an abstract to or Mathias Klang ( We will notify successful applicants very shortly thereafter.

Full details and dates are here - note also that a limited number of places are also available to non speakers - with preference given to postgraduates and PhDs working actively in IT law related areas. You can notify us your details using the form here though note this does not confirm acceptance.

So come, come ye all or you risk missing: ppaers on variously the Twitter accounts of Abba, the legal personality of zombies, robot ethics and liability, law and virtual pornography, soft law in World of Warcraft, whistleblowing after Wikileaks, and the legal implications of time (or possibly the chronological implications of law).

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