Thursday, February 21, 2013

Vacancy in IT/IP law at Strathclyde!

(£33,230 - £53,233 PER ANNUM)

The School is seeking to appoint a Lecturer or a Senior Lecturer to strengthen its portfolio in the broad
areas of IT law, digital IP law, digital media and/or telecoms law. The successful candidate will be
expected to contribute to the research of the Centre for Internet Law and Policy and to the further
development of Masters provision in the field as well as making a wider contribution within the Law

Full details here,   will also shortly be on

....And yes I do have lots of ideas for actual blog posts -- sometimes even drafts -- just been quite a lot on.

For where I've been lately, try Twitter, natch, but also ..

CREATe got launched! Our website is here. My first Storify of the day is here. Our work programme with details of times and events is here.  Comments very welcome. (I'm Deputy Director with special portfolio for digital world and new business models.) My short blog piece on the future of copyright and new business models is here. Fortunately, I do not have a copy of interview they made me do on Good Morning Scotland at 7.20am..

I wrote a 14,000 word chapter with my PhD student Edina Harbinja on  transmission of digital assets on death, which will be going into a (mainly technical) Springer collection in the domain some time in 2013.

Edina and I have also put together a special collection of short interdisciplinary pieces on death, digital assets and post mortem copyright and privacy for my favourite open access journal SCRIPT-ed, which is coming our round about April 2013.

I dashed off a short piece on s 127 of the Communications Act and why it's a joke which became for some reason about the most reprinted and retweeted thing I've ever written.

I'm waiting with baited breach for the updated piece on social networks and privacy I wrote er some time ago to actually come out in the REsearch Handbook on Internet Governance from Edward Elgar. edited by Ian Brown .

We hired the PhD student in copyright and data mining - he's arriving in May and this project just gets more and more exciting and topical.

I've been tracking , and almost reduced to tears at, the progress (or regress) of the draft Data Protection Regulation - at the moment it's looking horribly like Big Industry 1: Fundamental Rights in Europe 0 - let's hope for extra time..

I went a lot of places, talking mainly about the DP Regulation, though sometimes also about death, robots, social media and copyright (not all together). They were all fun, but the best was probably Japan,  where I took part in a week long meeting on social media and privacy in Asia in Nov/December 2012 hosted by Andrew Adams at Meiji University. Ryokan are ace :-)

The best present I got for speaking was, however, at Oslo, where they gave me an entire cured leg of mutton which could easily be used as a murder weapon. Like Oscar Pistorius, I am now keeping it under my bed, just in case ..

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