Thursday, May 23, 2013

How to Go to GikII : a Beginner's Guide!

For any out there wondering how you start preparing to give a GIkII talk, here's a recent story that sums up the entire ethos I feel..

Printer Is Coming: Game of Thrones Fan Fashions 3-D Model of Winterfell 


This story has everything: cutting edge technology, 3d printing, so hot it blisters, tick; cutting edge IT law topic of the IP implications - is it an infringement of copyright? of registered design? of trademark?  does it matter if it is produced at home as a one off rather than commercially? what about the liability of Thingiverse where 3D blueprints are shared? tick; and the zinger, a great pop culture tie in.

As a clue, beginners could start with looking at the just passed Enterprise Regulatory Reform Act and the much debated s  74 repealing s 52 of the CDPA..

Summer is coming! Get your GIkII abstract in!

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Chijioke Ifeoma Okorie said...

Thank you for this beginner's guide. It really lives up to its name as reading the call for paper on the GikII site left me wondering where one should or could start from.