Monday, October 24, 2005

Creative Commons: threat or menace?-)

Some random quotes from an online discusion on LIve JOurnal after a Friday night pub discussion on whether open source, creative commons and the rest of the anti copyright movements are new religions or merely fora for the development of useful tools:

"Creative Commons and Open Source are religions. Not as bad as some of the others, but nonetheless they are somebody else's vision of utopia that we're all supposed to participate in." Voidampersand.

"The sub-sect that drives me up the wall in the Wikipedians - and I speak as an avid user and browser of Wikipedia. Yes, it's an impressive achievement, but you can only tout it as an improvement over traditional encyclopeadias by rather radically redefining 'improved'. Which some of its most zealous advocates are happy to do... (Isn't it brilliant! Our users can democratically determine the value of pi by continuous re-editing!)"

"I'm tolerant and indeed supportive of OSS between consenting adults; it'd be hypocritical of me not to, as I use enough of the stuff at home - but I'm opposed to fundamentalism about it too. I don't like people saying I shouldn't have the right to protect intellectual property and make a living from it; it should be my choice".

On open source: "it's plainly a way for young white introvert males to "stick it to the man" -- in this instance, their employers"

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