Monday, October 24, 2005

Honey, I Trademarked the Blog

The Markenblog blog reports that on October 21, 2005 the term law blog was registered by the owner of the popular German blog "law blog". The registration does not, actually, expressly cover blogs, but legal services in class 42, and services including the presentation of creative works in class 41. The German registration should not affect the general use of the generic or descriptive term by others.
says the German American Law Journal.

Words fail me really. I'm not a trademark lawyer but has "blog" not become a generic word? Does adding "law" really suffice to distinguish it as a badge of origin of particular services? Anyone out there want to comment?

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Anonymous said...

Sounds a bit silly, but there could be some logic behind it. I know nothing about the trademark law, but are we sure that blog has become a generic word? I'm sure it is to people who regularly use the internet, but does that mean that it is in the general use of the English language?