Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Wikipedia vs Linux

Fascinating comparison of the numbers of users and active contributors to Linux and Wikipedia.

"Wikipedia can draw on half a billion potential contributors; only about 100,000 people can code Linux.

It's hard to overstate this difference."

So, yes, I'm back from BILETA in Malta (the annual reunion of the UK and increasingly, European/Asian IT Law, Internet law, and legal technology in education tribes.) Saw lots of interesting papers, some of which may even be written up when I've regained the energy, after twelve hours travelling on two hours sleep, to open my bag and find my conference abstract programme.

After last year's deluge of P2P and FOSS papers, this year, much talk of eBay, Flickr, Wikipedia, Jurispedia and Wikis as the new legal textbooks - looks like C2C and collaborative peer production models have hit the legal hive mind..

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