Saturday, June 24, 2006

Dr Who and the Semantic Web

Tim Berners-Lee has been round the houses latel;y, proselytising not only for net neutrality (see earlier posts) but also for his baby, the Semantic Web. The Guardian has an informative and occasionally entertaining piece on his efforts.

"..the BBC, one of the organisations that led Britain on to the web, is keen to share some of its data. Tom Loosemore, head of strategic innovation, says the corporation will shortly place online the catalogue of its entire surviving programme library - not the 950,000 television and radio programmes themselves, but the names, transmission details, often production credits and in some cases who is interviewed..

"What is interesting is what the audience does with that data," [he says] although Loosemore imagines that Doctor Who fans will be early adopters. It will be available through an API (applications programming interface) at BBC Backstage (, which allows data to be re-used for non-commercial purposes - a model that the Ordnance Survey hopes to follow."

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