Friday, June 30, 2006

WEIS and blog

The Security Lab people at Cambridge - including the esteemed Ross Anderson - have their own blog: full of interesting stories about computer security, including related legal issues.

I'm just back from WEIS, the Workshop on Economic Issues in Security run by that self same man : and boy, my mind is blown. I have things I now desperately want to write/research about selling zero day exploits, cyber insurance, and privacy seals , value of (actually less than zero) ; but I'm currently just too ill ! as I also came back with a bug and a high temperature.

But very shortly there will be a very long post about fascinating papers I've seen! In the meantime try Bruce Schneier's summary, with pointers to some of his highlight papers.

Also gratified by more abstracts that have arrived for GikII while I was away: it's looking goooood, kids!

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