Friday, July 07, 2006

.. aaand it's g'buy to Google Checkout!

Further to my post on Google Checkout, Boing-Boing usefully reports that :

"A week after it was released, eBay has added Google Checkout to its list of online payment methods not permitted on eBay. A Google spokesperson says: "Google Checkout is not a beta product. Google has a long history in billing and payments for AdWords for premium services, such as Google Video". "

Oh what fun. This is what happens when money goes from being a coin of the realm to a proprietary product of course. What next? Will Google-friendly companies stop taking PayPal? Who will Amazon ally with? What does competition law say about all this, not to mention EU electronic money issuing rules? Do we need "clearing bank" rules for electronic wallet isuers? Don't miss next week's exciting episode!

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