Friday, July 07, 2006

ORG comes to town

panGloss has been cordially invited to join ORG, the new UK based Open Rights Group. ORG are hoping to host a social event at GikII, to encourage recruitment of, and communication between, members outside the London metropolis. (And so say all of us.)

Support the Open Rights Group

ORG write:

"Recent successes for ORG include:-
  • Submitting written and oral evidence to the All Party ParliamentaryGroup public inquiry into DRM, much of which made it into the finalreport.-
  • Submitting written evidence to the Gowers Review of Intellectual Property-
  • Raising awareness of the problems with DRM in the media, with several articles picking up on ORG's position

In our immediate future will be a campaign on the public domain, which will lobby against the music industry's request for an extension of copyright term on phonographic recording.

Please do spread the word if you can, and help us reach our target of1000 members!"

It's good to see an organisation which realises that even in the transnational world of cyberspace and digital rights, national legal and cultural divisions make local organisation and input vital. The recent Net Neutrality debaters eg have, slightly annoyingly, entirely ignored the fact that in the EU the problem is a non starter. EDRI is a briliant example of an umbrella digital rights organisation which comprehends that different cultures have different responses to the the new information sociaty. Is ORG yet part of EDRI? I must find out!


Anonymous said...

It is indeed! We're a member of EDRI, and Ian Brown, one of our co-founders, is on their board.

Love the blog, btw!

Glyn Wintle said...

The ORG wiki is always on the look out for any one with knowledge to share. :) If there is any thing you want to add to the Net Neutrality wiki page please do.