Thursday, October 18, 2007

ILAWS launch

ILAWS is now duely launched, and even hads a fair wind, appropriate metaphors for a maritime city like Suthampton; we broke bubbly on its virtual hull, courtesy of our very generous sponsors Thomas Eggar, after hearing a marvellous lecture from the indomitable Chris Reed on "Doing Business Online" which managed to combine invaluable practical advice (eg don't change planes at New York airport if you're running an online gambling firm) with serious academic speculation (will on-line virtual worlds be governed wholly by contracts imposed by the world-owners or will the evolving norms of the communities that live here have to have a say too?)

A podcast will be up soon on the ILAWS and TE sites.

Thanks go to Chris and Thomas Eggar of course, but also to the many people who helped within the law school, including my colleagues in ILAWS Caroline Wilson and Stephen Saxby, and to those who came to form an enthusiastic audience. I hope ILAWS can work with some of you in the future.

Reports already up at

Meanwhile as a result of Googling ILAWS reports, Pangloss has discovered a UK law blog aggreagator called Infolaw - how handy! - at

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