Wednesday, November 05, 2008

I Have a Dream?

Well, some night huh? As Obama said rather wittily I thought, he was never the likeliest candidate.

So Boing-Boing is already speculating on Fantasy Presidential Staff. Could we see Lessig at the FCC, they suggest, or Schneier at Homeland Security? Would any of my US`readers care to speculate if this sort of thing is actually plausible?

In much more important political news (ha), Becky Hogge is stepping down as chief leaderette and PR person for the Open Rights Group (ORG.), the UK's leading digital rights campaigning group. She's done an amazing job and will be a tough but enthralling act to follow. If you're interested, have a look

The advert is here:

And feel free to pass this link on. (Disclosure: I am on the Advisory Board.)

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