Saturday, November 08, 2008

Blogs are what happen when....

I long to debate the exciting things that are happening: the Google Library settlement, the Telecoms Framework latest Commission compromise position, the French passing 3 Strikes and You're Out, data retention , Internet libel cases in the UK courts, and how to deal with regulating the security of wi fi - but too busy actually doing things that relate to these to have time. Ag! I seem to have made a F austian bargain of my own - surrounded by a panoply of interesting legal developmnets, but noooo time to chat about them. Sigh.

Things wot I have done instead:

helped (a bit ) with the ORG response to the BERR filesharing consultaion;

helped (a bit more) with the ORG response to the UK consultation on implementing the Internet data part of the Data Retention Directive (link to follow)

supervised the preparation of an excellent brief by Simon Bradshaw on how the Telecoms Framework , having now been through the European Parliament, the Council of Ministers and the Commission report stages, still contains provisions which may well enable and legalise a France style "3 strikes" regime throughout Europe. We (Simon, ORG and myself) hope to publish this brief in the next few days. Thanks also to Monica Horten for invaluable assistance on this project.

So instead, meanwhile here's the latest XKCD cartoon, which as usual is superb :-)

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