Thursday, January 28, 2010

Life, etc

Via my very lovely colleague Judith Rauhofer;

Quote of the week by Lord Clement-Jones:

" When a man is tired of the Digital Economy Bill, he is tired of life. I am sure this show will run for a long time."

And indeed, now the debates in HL Committee over the "three strikes" parts of the DEB have ended, watch this space for some thoughts on how the debates have gone, shortly. For now, interesting to note that legal process needs tweaking too: see the latest Which? report on the deluge of complaints against P2P ambulance chasing bully firm , ACS Law (creditably, much mentioned in the Lords debate.)

ACS:Law has sent thousands of letters to people claiming they have illegally downloaded material and offers them a chance to settle by paying around £500. 

Which? says it has been approached by some - including a 78 year-old accused of downloading pornography - who have no knowledge of the alleged offence.

ACS:Law said its methods were accurate.

The London-based firm said that it would send more letters soon."

In other news, I'd also like to comment on Google and China (interesting response here from the reliably interesting Bill Thompson, one of the few voices to be more realistic than triumphant here), connected cyberwar developments and public open data in the UK - to be continued!! (Oh and I'd really like to talk about whether full body airport scanning really constitutes distribution of child porn (eh?) as oposed to invading privacy (for sure). But chance would be a fine thing!

Also, the first review of Law and the Internet 3rd edn!! Thanks to Andrew Katz for preparing me, er, letting me know!!


"Orange Mike" Lowrey said...

I'm on the Interwebz updating your Wikipedia article (with proper NPOV). FIAWOL!

pangloss said...

Good grief! I have no idea how I got an entry on Wiki to start with!1