Wednesday, January 20, 2010

ORG : Fight the Digital Economy Bill unconferences

Via ORG: a series of meet ups in Manchester, London, Edinburgh and Sheffield to learn more about how to effectively lobby your MP on digital rights matters, with current especial reference of course to the DEB, graduated response, disonnection etc.

This is a great and timely initiative and if you have any interest in learning how to actually participate in democracy and make your voice count, come along!! It's free!

I will be attending the Edinburgh one, and am happy to talk to people about what I've seen of the Lords debates on the amendments thus far - I'll also, time willing, be blogging in detail on this this week or next as we approach the end of the committee Lords stage. Hugh Hancock of Strange Co machinima fame will also be there and of course Jim Killock, director of ORG. (Will we have a Technollama, Andres??)

Details and sign up form here.

"The Open Rights Group wants to help you get your voice heard: by helping you to talk to your MP. Booking an appointment with your MP and saying what you think is easier than you might think.

At this event you will:

  • Gain the confidence to talk and write to your MP
  • Rehearse talking to your MP one on one
  • Find out what MPs will ask you
  • Learn how to write to your MP and get a response
  • Meet other people campaigning against disconnection without trial in the Digital Economy Bill

Talking to your MP is the most effective way to make sure Parliament knows how unpopular and bad disconnection without trial really would be.

In these short sessions, you can try out talking to your ‘MP’ or watch someone else having a go, and learn how to get your points across in a way that an MP will understand."

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