Wednesday, April 14, 2010

From ORG-list, useful update on Viviane Reding's progress on data protection directive reform . First stage of consulting is over and response being considered.

"Data Protection" [I have italicised most interesting parts]

On privacy and data protection I have initiated the process leading up
to the reform and modernisation of the 1995 Directive. In line with
the legal prerequisite introduced by Lisbon we have now a specific
provision (Article 16) to develop a comprehensive and coherent
framework for the protection of personal data. The new legal framework
should address new challenges of the information age, such as
globalisation, development of information technologies, the internet,
online social networking, e-commerce, cloud computing, video
surveillance, behavioural advertising, data security breaches, etc.

The Commission is currently analysing the over 160 responses to the
public consultation. I will present a legislative proposal reforming
the Directive before the end of the year and I will consider
establishing the principle of "privacy by design."

This is by no means an exhaustive list of the novelties I intend to
propose, but one thing is clear: reinforcing the confidence of both
citizens and businesses in data systems will lead to better protection
for individuals, as well as to trust and confidence in new services
and products. This will in turn have a positive impact on the

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