Tuesday, April 20, 2010

If it's tomorrow it must be Embra..

Another talk by me on the #debill, plus, more excitingly, Simon Frith!!

21 April 2010: Digital Economy Bill: Professors Simon Frith and Lilian Edwards (Universities of Edinburgh and Sheffield)

Speakers will address issues of copyright, plus “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”, including abnegation of due process, “three strikes and you are out”, site blocking and EU issues, net censorship and so on in what is anticipated to be a very lively discussion. Lilian Edwards, currently speaking on the Bill at events across the UK, is also known for her blog Pangloss. Simon Frith is known for his ESRC Research Programme on Media Economics and Media Culture. . Iain Mitchell QC FRSA, who, it is anticipated may well enliven the debate from the floor. is Chairman of the Scottish Society for Computers and Law and has been Joint Editor of the E-Law Review. Join us and contribute to the debate! (£10 a head I'm afraid).

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