Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Internet A Decade Later

This is the most stunning infographic I have seen in some time on the changes the Internet has wrought over a decade : The Internet A Decade Later

I may use this to kick off the newly revamped E-Commerce module this autumn :-)

Thanks to BestEducated for putting this out under CC license!

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Francis Davey said...

Hmmmmm. The internet usage graph uses classic fraudster trick #1 by having the *area* grow as well as the height, which overemphasises growth in use of the internet (its big, but not as big as it looks). The flag on the facebook graph is a sub-type of this.

Other things are, well dubious (the memes and the search terms) but then its all unsourced.

And as for download time: it takes *exactly* the same length of time to download on a 56K modem now as it did then. In 2002 plenty of people had broadband, in 2012 plenty of people still have slower speeds, so its all rather misleading.

But the, all unsourced etc. Good students will pick up on all these points of course :-).