Thursday, November 01, 2007

HL Report Takes Road to Nowhere

Along with most my colleagues in IT law, I was excited at the vision and comprehension shown by the HL Report on Personal Internet Security released in the summer.

Last week, the UK government basically rejected every recommendation on the ground that, well, there really wasn't a problem, and it would be a bit hard on industry to place regulatory burdens on them, wouldn't it?.

This really won't do. Even the Lords themselves are muttering about heads and sand.

Meanwhile Richard Clayton, who had a large amount of input into the report as Special Adviser is deeply unimpressed.

"The bottom line is that the Select Committee did some “out-of-the-box thinking” and came up with a number of proposals for measurement, for incentive alignment, and for bolstering law enforcement’s response to eCrime. The Government have settled for complacency, quibbling about the wording of the recommendations, and picking out a handful of the more minor recommendations to “note” to “consider” and to “keep under review”.

A whole series of missed opportunities."

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