Thursday, November 29, 2007

Macafee VCR 2007

No, not VCR as in video recorder (how lo tech!) but Macafee Virtual Criminology Report 2007. (Pronounced MAC-afee. I've been getting that wrong all day, while doing 17, count em, SEVENTEEN radio interviews!) And available in English, French, Spanish, German and Italian no less.

Anyway Ian Brown of Blogzilla and myself are happy to announce the launch of a bouncing ten pound report, on a whole loada stuff including the rise of cyber-terrorism since the Estonia attacks in April; the evolving shape of malware and the cut-price cyber-market for phishing, spamming and DDOS tools, complete with customer service and on-line tutorials for budding young Russian mafiosi ; the legality of the exploit market, white and black; and, as they say, much much more..

Producing this has been a real interesting experience. I got to interview some very intriguing people, like Sharon Lemon at E-Crime in SOCA, David Vaile at AUSTLII and andrea Matwyshwn at Wharton/Penn, and security experts at places like iDefense and Carnegie Mellon Japan. I learnt an awful lot. I also got an insight into corporate politics and the PR industry which has DEFINITELY been an eye opener :-)

So have a look. You have to fill in a registration form to download unfortunately, but I'm sure you're all quite capable of unticking boxes as relevant :-p

EDIT: Hmm. China not happy. Pangloss goes to Beijing Tuesday. Pangloss not entirely happy :-)

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