Thursday, November 01, 2007

New frontiers in spam..

Wonderful news from Bruce Schneier.

"Spammers have created a Windows game which shows a woman in a state of undress when people correctly type in text shown in an accompanying image.

The scrambled text images come from sites which use them to stop computers automatically signing up for accounts that can be put to illegal use.

By getting people to type in the text the spammers can take over the accounts and use them to send junk mail."

How utterly fab. How does it feel to be Pavlov's dog, oh slavering mankind? And do we girlies (and possibly gay men?) get naked pix of John Barrowman?

Next: we cut out the need for naked pix, by incorporating CAPCHA decryption into online Sudoku? Oh it's all just SOOO Philip K Dick!!

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