Thursday, July 03, 2008

Good god

Pangloss has just discovered that apparently way back in April she was nominated as one of the best IT law/governance blogs in the Computer Weekly blog awards. Good lord!! However my bet is that Technollama will win - sigh I should never have passed him that Dr Who story:-P

Apparently I'm meant to display this:


Despite this obviously being a thinly disguised attempt to boost the hit count on CW's website, er, vote me! Or I'll make you read my latest poem, er sorry, 14,000 word data protection chapter..

Actual content coming very shortly actually. With a SCOOP! and FREE GIFT! and NEKKID GIRLS! Well, the first bit was true, actually..


Anonymous said...

Given that I just spent half the night reading your 14,000 word data protection chapter, does that mean that I do not need to vote for you?

Congrats from the wild North!

zhochaka said...

If you wish, I can provide CGI images of NEKKID GIRLS!

With guns.

Well, maybe not NEKKID