Saturday, July 05, 2008

Stopping legislation by stealth: the fight back

Further to my last post on possible stealth attempts to introduce 3 strikes and you're out - or some equivalent - across Europe, with key votes on Monday July 7 (the final MEP vote will be Sept 7) - Hugh Hancock of Strange Company, the UK's premier machinima outfit, has done really amazing stuff - all while I drove to Cambridge and went to a BBQ, convinced I had done all I could in the tiny amount of time available.

Hugh now has a campaign page up . PLease have a look, and please link to it, and disseminate it.

It has a clear message, a very simple and effective animation (machinima! natch!) and a link to an easy way to mail your MEP asking them not to vote for this legislation without examining it. Please use it. I just did it and it only took minutes. Feel free to refer to my previous blog post if you want too.

Oh and there's a Facebook group at too.

Thanks. I am really heartened at the geek ability to mobilise :)

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