Monday, July 07, 2008

Result of IMCO vote

For those who have been following this saga, the pretty much expected news was that all the amendments went through. They now get voted on with the rest of the package on I think Sept 7.

The good news, as far as Pangloss is concerned, is that the drafter, Malcolm Harbour, got interviewed at same time as me by the Beeb, and reiterated, as he had in return emails to voters throughout the day, that it was absolutely not the intention of the amendments to lay the foundations for legitimising member states introduction of "3 strikes and you're out". Pangloss is relieved to hear this.

Harbour added that if the amendments could be so interpreted, were too wide basically, then he'd be happy to accept other amendments making it clear this wasn't intended to be the case.
Pangloss thinks this an excellent way to proceed, and hopes there is an opportunity in the remaining legislative process to tighten these provisions up in a way that retains their public interest intent (eg public education about child pornography) but could not be subsequently misinterpreted as legitimising 3 strikes legislation.

Harbour and I may be on R4 later depending what else happens in the news - it will definitely apparently be on Radio 5Live later, and online, and a full version of the interviews may be on iPM , the online version of the Radio 4 show which podcasts on Saturday.

It's been an interesting couple of days. I am now going to back to writing Law and the Internet!

UPDATE: You can hear the debate between Malcolm Harbour MEP and myself here, including his concession re future amendments.


Andres Guadamuz said...

Good work on the posts! You will be glad to know that I am finally sitting down and finishing the damn chapter :)

Anonymous said...

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