Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Law Blawging UK OK

Slightly belatedly, via Binary Law:

TimesOnline does the round up of the usual suspects (no Pangloss, helas!) on the UK blawging circuit. As Nick Holmes comments, the scene is really rather rosier than both the article and the comments seem to indicate.. in fact if you look at Charon QC's enormously usual single page of UK blawgers, there are many many blawgs I've never heard of or sadly never get the time to look at..

Actualy IMHO I am quite staggegered how many laws practitioners (as opposd to we feeble academics) find time to maintain decent readable blawgs. Where do they put it in time billing one wonders?


Anonymous said...

I bill it as "Research" :)

Dumpling said...

Now we know where they make all their money...research indeed! ;-)