Friday, September 26, 2008

Stil not dead. Well, not QUITE.

Just back from the third instalment of GikIII, exhausted, flu-ridden and exhilarated. Horrible to puff one's own baby, but I continue to be staggered at people's inventiveness, cleverness and sheer powerpoint bravado when they pull the stops out for GikIII. Best quote I've seen so far from virgin attendee, machinima geek and Twitter blogger Hugh H:

"What's fascinating about this conference - well, one of the things - is the level of showmanship. It's like a very lawyerly open-mic night."

I think that really sums it up :-)

More coherence soon , when I am over my man-flu (and decided it really isn't leprosy. Andrea, I expect my eye patch to be in the e-post).

Powerpoints will also I imagine be up very shortly as soon as Andres has got over his hangover, er jetlag. (Actually some of them are already here.)

Many thanks to the as ever consummately efficient Ian Brown for chairing this year (while organising a few million pound grants on the side in teabreaks) and the attendees and participants for as ever putting their and soul into this conference. Next year: possibly in Amsterdam! and certainly earlier in September to avoid start-of-term clashes which kept a few regulars away. Watch this space! Also please let me know if you blog GikII and I might conceivably have missed it.


Andres Guadamuz said...

Hangover? Lies!

The rest of the papers I have are now uploaded. I'm still missing a couple.

Anonymous said...

A propos nothing at all - this is quite an interesting wweb related IP issue - - highlighting the rather odd terms of the Daily Mail website, including an issue about linking.

Hope you're feeling better.

I'm about to go into blogging hibernation - new baby due in 3 1/2 weeks.