Sunday, September 14, 2008

Tweets! (and RSSs)

Ok, should you wish to subscribe to notifications of updates to this blog via Twitter you now can: just log into Twitter and subscribe to Panglossle at .

Pangloss herself is not quite sure of the point of this (but somone suggested it as a good idea): you'd have to go to the web to read the full thing anyway so why not just subscribe to Pangloss's RSS feed and see updates via whatever you read RRS feeds in (PG herself uses LiveJournal as her RSS reader but knows that isn't very professional - it works though)? Perhaps someone can enlighten me.

However this does remind me that I should publicise the RSS feed, which I will do once I get round to revamping the template which requires wholesale change since the Blogger upgrade (oh god, life is just so complicated..)

Atom link:

RSS link:

On that note, I'm worn out!

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