Friday, November 28, 2008

3 Strikes and the Telecoms Package: What's Going On?

I've been unable to keep up with the latest machinations following the pre vote leak earlier this week and the actual vote on Thursday, due to utter deadline crises, but brave LawClanger and Monica Horten are still right in there, keeping us informed. ORG will also no doubt continue to cover the story. A "historical" version of the tale is also likely to appear from Simon and myself in SCRIPT-ed in December.

Chaos reigns still, but the upshot seems to be that the CoM have , as expected, excluded the European Parliament , Commission-backed amendments (especially 138) which might have protected due process and human rights (bad news); but on the other hand, the CoM itself seems to have succumbed to pressure to seperate content from conduit regulation, and has removed or watered down some of the provisions which appeared to provide an EC foundation for Sarkozy's 3 Strikes law (good news). Indeed, La Quadrature du Net are claiming Sarkozy now faces an uphill struggle in bringing his law in even in France.

Pangloss is, frankly, confused and without the time to find out more. Off to Israel Sunday to speak on social networks and privacy at the University of Tel Aviv! (And also to visit my niece :-)

Will be back in London to promote the global launch on Dec 9th of the 2008 McAfee Virtual Criminology Report!! Watch this space for our phishy, financial and other findings this year (it's a co-production by myself and Ian Brown of the OII.) I wonder if we can top last year when the Chinese government called a press confernce to rebut our acusations of Chinese cyber terrorism!


Pragmatist said...

Confusing alright.

I was also going to say that France struggles to implement Directives generally. It seems to have pulled its socks up recently - though still third highest number of infringement cases pending (94)

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