Monday, May 22, 2006

Americans wouldn't give a triple ex for that domain name..

The Beeb reports a challenge to the US blocking of the .xxx domain.

"ICM has filed Freedom of Information requests against the US Department of Commerce and Department of State to get uncensored copies of official documents that relate to the creation of the .xxx domain.

In its Freedom of Information filing, ICM said it expected the documents to "shed light on what role the United States government played in the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers' (Icann) consideration of ICM's proposal to create and operate a new .xxx domain".

Members of the board voted against the ICM agreement based on inaccurate information about the written statements of various governments concerning .xxx
Icann voted on 10 May to reject ICM's plans following a year of delay over a final decision on the domain. "

Oooohhhh!!! (she says, insightfully).

As various other commentators have said, the US (and one assumes, religious right) opposition to .xxx seems mighty peculiar. Implementing the domain won't create more porn or make it easier to find - it'll just make it easier for ISPs and parents to filter it out. This is what they want, right? (My own feeling is that it's an unintersting squabble anyway, because you are hardly going to convince the Russians and Moldovans to put their porn sites in .xxxx if that DOES mean they'll be more easily filtered..).

How about a domain for .phish ? :-)

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