Thursday, May 18, 2006

Even Nova-er Terra Nova

New Scientist (inter alia) reports on what they call the "first ever virtual property" law suit:

"Marc Bragg, an attorney from Pennsylvania, US, filed the suit against the company behind Second Life, Linden Lab based in California, US. He accuses the company of deactivating his account after he discovered a loophole that enabled him to buy virtual land cheaply within the game.

The suit, filed in a local district court, seeks financial restitution for Bragg who claims he invested around $32,000 in the virtual land. "This is probably the first dispute of its kind," Bragg says in a statement posted online. "This suit challenges the legitimacy of a virtual intangible purchase of an asset."

Rather US centric, as there have been several other such suits reported already in Asian countries like Korea and China. But it looks like fun all the way - here's hoping neither side decides to settle!

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