Wednesday, May 31, 2006

And the IT-Dino!

My correspondent Douglas Spencer points out that the tale of the cat who wasn't there (post below)is by no means the only recent domain name dispute to involve cute anthropomorphicised animals.

"I am reminded of a dispute between a purple dinosaur and a six-year-old boy [DRS1544]: HIT Entertainment PLC produce Barney, a stuffed purple dinosaur, together with a TV show and lots of valuable merchandise, and they disputed the registration of by a certain Tim Loosemore, who had a son called Barney.

However, the giant media empire was dreadfully incompetent in assembling its case, and the boy's father is a major mover in organisations like Wired, FaxYourMP, and NTK.

The stuffed dinosaur lost. Visit Barney on the web".

Thanks, Doug!! sadly , the arbiter in this case, Andrew Lothian, declined to exposit further on the reality or otherwise of either fuzzy dinosaurs or six year olds.

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